Remote Digging with Hydro Excavation

DebrisRemovalDigging and excavation is needed for a number of different type of jobs. Pipelines, sewers and other underground facilities are installed and maintained through excavation. Things like posts, signs and sprinklers are also installed through digging. Even landscaping uses excavation to place the plants into their positions.

Excavation is not as easy to do in remote areas as it is other places. For narrow streets and roads or even in wilderness areas, heavy equipment like the backhoe has a hard time getting to the excavation site. Pushing through would mean damaging the surroundings and congestion in the area. In every excavation job, the residents of that area need to be taken into consideration. Congestion and traffic often mean for people who live in the area are inconvenienced.

When remote areas are need digging for repairs and installation of equipment or plumbing, hydro excavation is the perfect method. The truck can be located away from the actual site to make sure that no damage is done to the environment.

Also, if you need to do digging in urban areas, heavy equipment can cause a narrow street to be virtually impassable because of the size of the equipment. Traffic and congestion in the excavation site is created. Since the hydro excavation truck can be positioned at a distance, the inconvenience of the residents of an area will be minimized.

Hydro excavation is a method that avoids all these concerns. If you want to see hydro excavation companies near you, enter your zip code in our search box to the left.

Hydro Excavation for Remote Digging

Hydro excavation uses highly pressurized water so it is strong enough to break frozen ground and to dig in areas where traditional construction equipment has a hard time reaching. The pressure applied is able to get jobs done with more accuracy and precision than traditional methods. Hydro excavation is not destructive and does not involve any heavy machinery to move the dirt. This has made it the preferred option for excavation contractors.

In remote areas traditional digging is very inconvenient. The equipment used for these methods is often too big to pass through narrow roads or streets. A backhoe, for example, cannot travel to remote areas.

In the past if a backhoe could not reach, then manual digging was the preferred option. Manual digging, however, takes more time to get an excavation job done. Having laborers use a shovel to dig deep holes is very time consuming. It is also very hard on the laborers as this is an intensive job. Labor costs will usually be high with a job like this but if the site is far, additional costs will also be incurred.

Hydro excavation is able to eliminate the problems involved in digging in remote areas. The truck used can be positioned far from the actual excavation site so it won’t need to pass narrow through streets or impassable back roads. Also, the process of hydro excavation does not need as much labor so costs are cut down considerably. Hydro excavation does an accurate an efficient job to make sure that repairs after the fact are not needed.

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