Industries Where Hydro Excavation Is Used

exposedutilities1The process of hydro excavation involves highly pressurized water and an air vacuum. The water is pressurized to make it strong enough to cut through soil accurately. Once the water is able to break the soil apart, the air vacuum is used to evacuate the soil and transfer it to a debris tank that is on standby.

Hydro excavation provides a safer way to dig and haul away soil. It does not involve heavy machines or chemicals so it is very friendly to the environment. It also does a more efficient job which results in less restoration time and costs. It uses easy to operate and handle equipment.

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Industries Where Hydro Excavation is Used

Plumbing: Pipelines and sewers are mostly installed underground. To have this done, soil needs to be excavated, hauled and restored. Underground utilities are needed for almost every kind of establishment. A house, for example, would need pipes and sewer lines. This is the same for other buildings and facilities as well.

Hydro excavation has been very useful to the plumbing industry as it can dig through soil without damaging the existing underground utilities. It also gets the job done fast so operations can continue as soon as possible.

Installation: There are so many things that need excavation done before they can be installed. In the street, our light posts, road signs, traffic lights, etc. all need to be installed by excavating the ground. For residential areas, simple things like sprinklers also need digging for installation to occur. The high pressurized water is able to cut through soil and create accurate and precise holes. These holes are important because they serve as the foundation for what is installed.

Construction: Construction of commercial establishments, industrial facilities and residential houses cannot be started if the ground is not properly excavated. Since the excavation site can be quite large, it takes long time to get the digging done with the use of traditional methods such as the backhoe.

Hydro excavation provides a faster and more cost efficient method for digging, especially for large areas. This process gets the job done faster, with lower costs and does not add to the inherent safety risks of construction sites.

Landscaping: In landscaping, the whole idea is to arrange plants and trees in a particular way to make the area more beautiful. Usually, a hard copy design is being followed for this. To be able to place plants in particular areas according to the design means a lot of digging. Holes need to be created in which to place the plants. Since the point is to beautify the area, it would be a contradiction to dig carelessly and damage the surrounding soil and plants.

Hydro excavation is used in landscaping to make sure that the holes created are accurate and the damages to the surroundings are avoided. This results in less need for restoration after the excavation.

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