Benefits of Hydro Excavation

DebrisRemovalHydro Excavation is a method that is used for digging and moving soil. It is able to reduce a lot of the risks and costs that are brought about by traditional digging methods. Highly pressurized water is used along with an air vacuum to complete the hydro excavation system. Because the water is very highly pressurized so it is able to dig the soil and the air vacuum transfers the soil to a debris tank.

Hydro excavation is very useful for several industries. Excavation, plumbing pipes and sewer, installation of posts, poles, etc are just a few examples of hydro excavation applications. The benefits it offers make it more and more popular in the industrial world.

Conventional excavation methods like manual shovel digging and the usage of backhoes are not as accurate for digging soil. This results in backfilling needing to be done when the job is complete. Also, manual digging is very intensive for the laborers and is very time consuming. Heavy machinery poses safety risks to laborers and also causes damage to the surroundings.

Hydro excavation eliminates these issues. It is a non-mechanical, eco-friendly and safe method. It gets the job done faster and more accurately with less effort from laborers. This means that costs are cut down and the service provided is better and more efficient. This also means that the hydro excavation company often gains a reputation for great service.

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Safety Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation provides a way of digging and moving soil in a safer manner. It is a non-mechanic and non-destructive method. The laborers will be safe from machinery accidents and the citizens nearby will be safe from construction mishaps.

Hydro excavation only involves water and an air vacuum. The equipment for this process can be positioned at a distance from the actual excavation area. This lessens traffic and congestions at the excavation site.

Cost Benefits of Hydro Excavation

The process of hydro excavation reduces a lot of unnecessary effects from traditional excavation methods. It provides a more accurate and precise job so damages to the surrounding pipes, utilities and environment are considerably lessened.

In potholing, installation of pipes and cables, or in any excavation jobs, hydro excavation is able to move the soil accurately. The pipes and underground utilities are avoided by the water so there will be no leaks or cracks made during the process.

Hydro excavation is also used for landscaping. It does the tasks delicately so the surrounding soil is not disturbed. This allows for your landscape to have a stronger foundation.

All these result in fewer repairs and backfilling. The additional expenses for the material and labor of restoration jobs are then avoided. In the long run, using the hydro excavation method is the best choice. It does the job more efficiently than traditional methods.

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